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Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality manufactured footwear at the best value.

About Us

Hypard Trading Corporation, a California Corporation since 1981, has sold more than 30 million pairs of footwear in the United States. We specialize in all types of footwear including Work Boots, Hunting Boots, Logger Boots, Safety Boots, Hiker Boots, Uniform Shoes, Water Shoes and much more under our Brands.

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We are also authorized distributors for the following brands of Winter Boots, Hiking Boots, Work Boots and much more.

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Hypard Trading Corporation - on its attempt to take its position to the US markets has launched its major brands of footwear. Its objective is to establish a quality upper mid market brand image around a professional shoe industry, a product offering high value for price, and to market that product through mass merchandisers. Since consumers have gotten more cautious about buying shoes, they have also gotten more curious. Not only do they want to know about the functional benefits of footwear products, but they also want to know about the core values of the footwear brand. These consumer concerns were taken into considerations when Hypard Trading Corporation has established its own brands of footwear.

Hypard maintains sufficient inventory every time. Both the China factory and Los Angeles warehouse have safety stock system and on-time delivery. Hypard footwear has been time tested with millions of pairs giving consumers reliable and dependable service.

The company maintains a highly visible marketing presence by exhibiting at all major industry trade and variety shows. Its domestic (U.S.) distribution system is serviced by an efficient network of sales representatives, jobbers, and distributors supported by a modern 40,000 square foot warehouse located in City of Industry. Efficient delivery and enhanced quality control are by-words at Hypard. All footwear and apparel are inspected by company agents at the contract manufacturers (group employees at the parent owned facilities) and again by Hypard quality control personnel at the City of Industry facility, the goal is zero defects.

Hypard Trading takes pride on its Business Philosophy :

  1. We develop products that have the best quality and styling in the industry.
  2. We offer the product at the lowest price and yet maintain the best quality product in the industry.
  3. We constantly research and produce consumer products which are economical, practical and environment-friendly for consumers.